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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Yes, there really is pumpkin alfredo sauce. Better yet, this sauce cooks up quick for a big pot of decadent autumn yum.


1 lb fettuccine

1/2 cup raw cashews

1/4 cup vegan butter

1 shallot, sliced

2 cloves garlic, sliced

15 oz can pure pumpkin

14 oz can coconut milk

2 Tbsp tomato paste

1/2 tsp dried sage

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

Vegan parmesan cheese for serving


1. Soak cashews in 1 cup boiling hot water for 15 minutes. Prepare noodles according to package directions.

2. Place a skillet over medium heat. Add vegan butter and sauté shallot and garlic until soft, approximately 3 minutes. Add cashews, including soaking liquid, pumpkin, coconut milk, tomato paste, salt, pepper and sage. Bring to boil, lower heat and simmer 3 to 4 minutes. Transfer pumpkin alfredo sauce to blender then blend until smooth. Return to skillet and simmer on medium-low heat.

3. When noodles are cooked, drain and add to pumpkin alfredo sauce. Stir to coat noodles. Taste and adjust seasonings. Serve sprinkled with vegan parmesan cheese.

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