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BUTLER SOY CURLS - Preparation Tips

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Soy curls, made from dehydrated, minimally processed soy bean strips, are the bomb, but preparing them before using in recipes incorrectly can leave them with a weird taste and they can become gummy when cooking. *Soy Curls are available in the USA, but are similar to 'soy chunks' in other parts of the world. Although Butler products are hard to find in stores, they can be bought from Amazon or directly from Butler. I buy soy curls by the case.

Here are a few recipes available from 🌱Simply Veganized.


For best them in a large bowl then pour 2 cups boiling hot water or broth over them and let them soak for 10 minutes. Drain well.(I spin some of the liquid out with my salad spinner). Then use towels to squeeze as much liquid out as possible and pat them dry. I've found getting the liquid out is key, not just to get the underlying flavor out but to prevent them from becoming gummy when cooking. Now you have strips ready to cook. Prefer shredded chick'n? Pulse rehydrated soy curls in a food processor 6-7 times. Prefer a minced version where ground meat is needed, like tacos for instance, pulse them before rehydrating.

Although not necessary, I also suggest tossing them in Butler's Chik-Style Seasoning before using them in your recipe. It gives them an uncanny chicken flavor and texture.

Final tip- store them in your freezer.

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